We have been doing auctions and tenders for 20 years

BFT Management, a.s .:

  • since 2000 it is a concessionary auctioneer and a founding member of the Chamber of Auctioneers of the Czech Republic;
  • is an important auctioneer who has carried out hundreds of auctions in the amount of many hundreds of millions of Czech crowns since year 2000;
  • has developed and is the portal operator:
    • Prodej-drazbou.cz (Sale by auction), where all types electronic auctions can be provided;
    • Prodej-aukci.cz (Sale by tender), where it carries out electronic tenders, as another transparent way of selling property, not only debtors;
  • it provides its services to several dozen insolvency administrators, notaries and liquidators in the transparent monetization of property;
  • for banks and financial institutions, the claims of creditors are successfully enforced in the form of involuntary auctions;
  • more and more property owners are using auction or tender sale to monetize their property at a maximum market price, which is not what normal real estate activity does not allow.